Skin Care Tips

Skin care involves several different components that are important in caring for our skin. You must avoid harsh irritating soaps and cleaners.

Cleansing is important because of the environmental pollutants, and good skin care is important. My tip is to use Luke-warm water for cleansing and avoid very hot as well as cold water which can cause damage to your skin.

Hydration feeds your skin while water moisturization feeds your skin oil, but healthy skin needs both. With your skin type, you may need more of one over the other.

Korean skin care has their own secret to improve your skin, that is to use honey as a source which has a positive impact on your skins condition. Mix together lemon and honey and apply to your skin this is effective in transforming the way your skin looks.

This Korean skin care routine is something they don’t allow the summer sun to take a toll on their skin. This keeps the skin moisturized even when it’s hot or humid. The skin remains elastic and firm to the touch.

Vitamin C is important for skin care it helps brighten, protect against the sun while promoting collagen. By using vitamin C alone neutralizes free radicals and shields against UV damage.

Another good skin care routine are sheet masks that you can apply a couple times a week. This is something Korean women use that have amazing skin benefits with amazing results for treating skin problems. Spend the time to understand what your skin needs, and you choose the right skin care products for you.


One thing to remember is to be consistent with your skin care routine, whether it’s done in the morning or before bed. Before applying makeup make sure you’ve done your cleansing and moisturizing first. Start with a clean face.

At the end of your day make it a habit to apply one more layer of hydration. Using lotions and creams or masks while you sleep at night will keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. This is very important to be regular

It’s never too late to take care of your skin and protect it from damages brought on by our environment. Your skin will mirror how we take care of it. As a result, you must make certain you follow the daily steps in your skin care routine, so you can fight against acne, and other blemishes that emerge.

Facial massages done a couple times a week can also be an important part of your skin care routine in conjunction with using oils for moisturizing and anti-bacterial done on your skin. This will keep your skin soft and supple and it will work wonders on your face.